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Development Goals

Development Goal
The purposes of this Center are mainly to cultivate high-school teachers for the Departments of Tourism and Food and Beverage Management. Our overall development goals are set as follows:
  1. To cultivate good teachers for the vocational high schools in the field of Hospitality and Tourism
    1. To provide diversified and normalized pre-employment curriculum and teaching practicum.
    2. To activate learning and life counseling for students.
    3. To integrate resources of vocational schools and strengthen educational practicum.
    4. To strengthen job placements for students and enhance employment rates for teachers.
  2. To enhance teachers’ teachingandresearch capacity
    1. To arrange the curriculum based on the course requirements and the expertise of a teacher.
    2. To enhance the teaching and research expertise of a teacher.
  3. To promote counseling in hospitality and tourism education
    1. To hold seminars related to hospitality and tourism education so as to enhanceprofessional knowledge for teachers and students of technical and vocational schools.
  4. To promote and implement cooperation and education between industry and academy
    1. To strengthen cooperation between industry and academy and promote the research and development of hospitality education.
    2. To hold all kinds of extension education and expand more advanced hospitality training for vocational-school teachers.
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