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     Established on August 1, 2004 with objectives to foster teachers specifically for the Tourism Department and the Hospitality Management Department in secondary schools, the Teacher Cultivation Center currently has five full-time teachers belonging to our academic units, which are equivalent to the departments of a school. Accredited by the Ministry of Education, we enroll one class of teachers in secondary schools every year and select students past the 2nd year in the four-year Technology College, past the 1st year in the two-year Technology College and students in the master’s and PhD programs. In addition to teaching and research for teachers’ professional cultivation, we also conduct practical guidance in uniform education to give assistance with local education development.
     With the concepts of “humanity, professionalism, entrepreneurship and internalization” in mind, we hope to foster good teachers with excellent knowledge and skills of Hospitality and Tourism through the professional education principles of “profession in practice”, “guidance with humanity”,” diverse resources”, “systematic courses” and “teaching with technology”.
Over the past years, all faculty members have been dedicated to strengthening the quality of profession in teaching, academic research and the capability of serving others. At current stage, a variety of curriculums are provided through the integration of relevant resources from every division of the school to inspire and encourage training teachers to study a second specialty, strengthen service in practice and pass accreditation while acquiring a license, as well as to enhance their profession in both education and competitiveness. The goal for middle-to-long term development is to keep building up partnerships with other senior (vocational) high schools, creating platforms for practice in Hospitality and Tourism education, as well as professional growth, incorporated with the curriculum developed in the Junior High School of Hospitality and Tourism, experimental jobs for education and growth of both teachers and students in professional practice.